Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Moratorium- A South Fork Valley Classic

I was excited to get out with a great group of climbers and friends early this season Kevin Craig, Mike Larson, Steve Berwanger and Doug Shepherd. Doug and I went for the One Hitter and the other boys went to tackle The Moratorium.

Yes Doug the ice is super thick all the way up! Doug Shepherd on the start to The One Hitter

Simply a great day in the South Fork Valley !


alaskaiceclimbing said...

Good stuff. Just wanted to let you know that you are a part of our Climber's Blog, here at Enjoy the ice posts. Check out another musical site of interest, Cheers.


Kathy said...

Aaron, I view your site occasionally for "memory visits". The photos and copy always remind me that in a way, Cody is home, even though I was a mere visitor for 16 years. I was saddened to hear about Bobby Model and others (R.I.P.). Keep up the good work. Kathy Ganley (formerly Cozzens, Senate Aide, Annapolis, Maryland)